Anna swore she would never go back
to Assisi and the family that cast her away

When fifty-six year old Anna Petterino wanders through Powell’s bookstore in Portland, Oregon, a guidebook for the Camino of St. Francis falls off the shelf and hits her square in the head. Thus begins her dramatic spiritual journey into the Apennine Mountains of Tuscany where Anna meets an unusual young man named Giovanni. As the two began walking in the footsteps of St. Francis together, Anna finds her heart softening as she listens to Giovanni’s parables—and begins to observe the miracles that surround them wherever they go.

What people are saying about Giovanni and the Camino of St. Francis

Sonia Choquette

"Giovanni and The Camino Of St. Francis is a beautiful awakening to the mysterious forces of love deeply at work in our lives, if only we overcome the stories of who we think we are, and trust the divine impulses in our hearts. When we let go of believing we know anyone or anything completely, healing happens."

Sonia Choquette
New York Times Best Selling Author

Gillian T. W. Ahlgren

“James Twyman’s delightful tale of a woman’s journey on the Way of St. Francis weaves poignant themes of trust, belonging, reconciliation and identity. Simply and powerfully, he captures the transformative impact of a pure heart and reminds us of the joys of living for love.”

Gillian T. W. Ahlgren
Author of The Tenderness of God: Reclaiming Our Humanity

Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM

“What a lovely, heart-warming story! It's every pilgrim’s dream, namely, that somehow we will be transformed and begin to feel one’s faith, and not just believe with no feeling at all. The pilgrim wants to know that God is there with God’s Saints and Angels as the pilgrim goes his or her pilgrim way. Pilgrimage is prayer of the feet. Thank you for risking a story full of miracles and helping the reader believe that miracles do happen in our seemingly ordinary daily lives.”

Fr. Murray Bodo, OFM
Francisan Priest and Author

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What is the Camino of St. Francis?

The Camino of St. Francis follows the ancient path St. Francis of Assisi walked 800 years ago as he traveled from village to village sharing his message of Divine Love.

Beginning at the Sanctuary of La Verna in the Apennine Mountains of Tuscany (where St. Francis received the stigmata), the distance to St. Francis’ home of Assisi is 110 miles. The route then continues to Poggio Bustone in the Riete Valley which is roughly the same distance.

The Camino of St. Francis is challenging, to say the least. Only experienced hikers should embark on the trek. For those who are ready, though, the Camino will change your life.